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New Objects

We have added objects to make the language more intuitive for new programmers. To date we have added the following objects:

Colors - provides quick access to available colors
ColorWheel - allows colors to be used more intuitively
MessageBox - creates a WinForms style input (message) box
ProgramWindow - intended as a replacement for GraphicsWindow, with more intuitive methods
ShapeMaker - intended as a replacement for Graphicswindows, with more intuitive methods
Tortoise - intended as a replacement for Turtle, with more intuitive methods

Objects in Detail


Provides easy access to all available colors, such as Colors.AliceBlue, Colors, Colors.AntiqueWhite, etc...along with methods to affect Colors, such as Colors.Darken("red") and Colors.Lighten("green")


Allows you to set up a palette of colors. It includes methods such as ColorWheel.AddColor("purple"), ColorWheel.NextColor() and ColorWheel,RemoveAllColors()


Creates a WinForms-style popup input box. It includes methods such as MessageBox.AskForInput("answer this question"), and MessageBox.ShowMessage("girl programmers rule!")


This extends the built-in GraphicsWindow by providing some renamed and new methods, such as ProgramWindow.DrawText("my text", 50,50) and ProgramWindow.CenterShapeAt(mycircle, 50,50)


This provides more intuitive access to built-in shape creation methods, such as ShareMaker.CreateCircle(50) and ShapeMaker.SetOpacity(myCircle,50)


This provides more intuitive access to built-in turtle methods and is intended as a replacement for the original turtle object. It includes such methods as Tortoise.SetPenColor(Colors.Red) and Tortoise.SetSpeed(8)

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